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Quartier of San Vincenzo

Quartier of San Vincenzo

Defined as “Growing Church of Cortona” during the the Offerta dei Ceri (Offer of candles) to Santa Margherita, the old quarter of San Vincenzo, once one of the three and now one of the five quarters of Cortona, has always promoted many events wishing to protect the civil and religious traditions that our fathers have passed on us. Saint Vincent Martyr (303-305 D.C.) from Cortona and Fra Ugolino Zefferini (1320-1367) are the patron saints of this quarter

The history and the palaces

During the Middle Ages the quarter of S. Vincenzo was particularly important: the beautiful Cathedral of S. Vincenzo located in the homonym neighbourhood was a popular meeting point; the citizens living in this area were the first to organize a defence unit near the Porta of S. Vincenzo and the Carriera Vecchia and Nova (old entrance gateway and old streets of Cortona) where knights and soldiers got trained; the quarter was enriched by beautiful monuments like Porta Bifora, the Convent of S. Agostino, Palazzo Cristofanello Sensi (today seat of the Banca Popolare di Cortona), and the churches of Spirito Santo and San Benedetto.

The activities of the quarter

Until recently, the seat of the quarter preserved the old Table with penalties, painted by Francesco Franceschini from Cortona and used in 1936 to recall the Archidado Joust (its memorable picture is displayed in the current seat on via Guelfa, 48), and the big Dice measuring 60 × 60 cm used at the Fortress of Girifalco to recall the Joust in honour of M. Saragat, a member of Parliament, who visited Cortona in the postwar period. The quarter has been actively involved in the realisation of beautiful illuminations in honour of Saint Margaret to embellish the street in May and of flower and decorated carts, which embellished the streets in the 1960s during the mid-August celebrations.

The "Margherita d'oro"

Every other quarters started to organise their own event, so the quarter of S. Vincenzo was promoter of the “Sagra della Ranocchia e Settimana Guelfa” (festival proposing recipes with frogs and Guelph Week). This appreciated festival was then replaced by the current “Sagra del Fungo Porcino” (Festival of Porcini Mushrooms), now in its 17th edition. However, the flagship of our quarter is the well renowned “Margherita d'Oro”, a children singing contest, which has been a real success for 13 years both in terms of audience and artists (singers Alendro Baldi and Jo Squillo, showgirl Simonetta and mascot Gabibbo of TV Programme Striscia La Notizia and comedian Giorgio Panariello, who presented the 10th edition on 23rd and 24th March 1991 and entertained the audience with his remarkable professionalism).

The quarter and the Joust

We took part in the “Palio dei Rioni” (a tournament between the town quarters), which was organised from 1991 to 1994: we got the second position for three times and finally won the tournament in 1994. The turning point was in 1994, when the Archidado Joust restarted to be organised and saw our decisive and passionate participation. Our quarter won the Archidado Joust in 2008 and was awarded the longed-for golden arrow called “verretta d’oro” with crossbowmen Andrea Masserelli and Alessandro Gavilli (also known as “Gavicchio”). Gavilli, in particular, has been the Italian Champion in the discipline with shooting rest twice (Cortona 16/09/01and S. Severino Marche 09/09/2007).

The prize

In 2003 we also won the “Premio Speciale di Qualità” (special prize for the most beautiful medieval costume parade).

Nel 2004 abbiamo vinto ”il Premio Speciale di Qualità

The ancient coin

The “fiorino” of Cortona with the effigy of St. Vincent Blessing and the lily, emblem of the ancient Terziere of San Vincenzo.
Reproduced with the inauguration of the registered office, in 22/02/1996